Amidstad, Take Two

Bienvenidos amigos! Literally just got back from Ensenada, Mexico in what might have been the longest and most painful ride of my life! Fifteen hour drive through traffic hour in a jam-packed car!… Totally worth it!

This is my second Amistad trip. What is Amistad? Amistad is a project Bethany Slavic Missionary Church does every year. (Amistad means “friendship” in Spanish). We take as many people as we can and we build houses for families, feed them, repair their churches and orphanages, visit their church members, and minister to them as much as we can. Last year roughly 400 people went; we built 7 houses, reconstructed a church, repainted a school, visited orphanages and rehab centers and finished up with a nice crusade where 20 people received healing and several people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior! First of all, Glory to God! You can check out last years promo video Here!

This year was a bit hectic for me. My going was a testimony in itself! The price for Amistad is almost $400 (plus additional expenses when you’re finally there). Even with my discounted Bible School price of $250 I couldn’t exactly afford it (considering I’m currently a full-time missionary with no form of income). Less than a week before the Amistad trip, I was sitting in the office talking about how badly I wanted to go, and I end the conversation with “Whatever. If it’s God’s will, then I’ll go!” Moments later (literally MOMENTS later) I get a phone call saying that I’ve been sponsored!!!

Better late than never, right? Lol well there were a few down sides to late registration, you’re the last person on the list for everything! On top of that, I couldn’t leave with everyone else so I was also the last to leave (shout out to the fellas for the ride! Y’all are the best!).

Regardless, the trip was a success! Here’s how my days were spent!  

All the volunteers slept in those tents right there, in the middle of the small town of Ensenada. Except me, because well, those are the perks of being the chef’s daughter!

First things first, gotta try that Mehico fruit!

And of course, ride in the bed of EVERY truck!

Bargain to buy the hat I’m wearing, and then proceed to take the first selfie!

And finally the real work begins!!!

Day 1, our group got to meet the family we are building the house for!  Below you will see me with Richardo, his wife (wish I could remember her name), and their 3 daughters: Lorina, Corina, and Karen.


To start, we had to separate the rocks from the sand so we could begin working on the foundation.

Mixing the cement was probably the most annoying thing, and not just because I don’t have any upper body strength!
We even had some of the volunteers’ kids help us out, Go Daniel! He was an awesome sport the whole time! 

Btw, shout out to Home Depot for keeping us all hydrated!

Oh! Here’s a cool story! This guy brought us some ice cream, and apparently he used to live in the US a few months ago, but after his parents passed away he came to help his brother make it by! So now, he sells ice cream and snow cones. Which, btw, are as delicious as they look! Check it out… 

And while some of us are doing all of this…

And feeling like this…

 Some of us, took breaks kinda like this… Lol #fatties 
Myself included!Oh, and the watermelon was delicious 😁

Day 1 = Success! According to Mr. Daniel cheesin’ over here!

  Day 2, we got the skeleton of the house up!  

   Day 3, we started tightening the wiring and actually managed to finish a majority of the house!! 


Random breaks everywhere.    

And my turn to get down to business.    And here comes the first throw of stucco on the house!


Amistad makes you hungry!  
Now we get down and dirty; while Eugene is still mixing cement! Like I said, most annoying  job! Good job U-genius!
    Alina and I had a nice system going; I throw her the stucco and she gets it on the wall! #teamwork    

Shortly after, we installed the windows and doors and went on to make more friends with the neighbors… Check out these kiddos next door.

    Alrighty! It’s day number four: give away day! Today we gather the family, have  them out in their best clothes, pray over them and the new house, and then have the long-awaited grand opening!!!!

The girls were as excited as you can imagine to see their house!

  And of course, we had to be the first to give a house-warming gift basket! ☺️

Drum roll please!!!!!!! And you may now cut the ribbon!!!!! Woohoooooooooo!!!

The ladies seemed to love the house!

    Here is the greatest team of the year! One really badly arranged group picture; where no one is looking at the right camera at the same time ever… But it’s ok lol. The important thing is that the house is complete!

    Honestly, even though the trip went a bit differently than I had imagined it would, it was hard to miss what God had done for the people here. We didn’t do much for them, but Amistad tries to help in what small ways we can. We built a house (3 houses total this year) for them like this…  So that they don’t have to live like this… 


God bless Ensenada, Mexico!!! Thank you for those who have been fasting and praying, as always, God pulled through!
Here are some other tidbits of the trip! Enjoy!

Gotta have them tacos though!

…And their tortes!   

Check out this goat right here!!!!! Yeah!! This goat right here!!! He is trained! He dances with you on command!

But that’s not all! He also…    …Gives you massages on command!!! 

Yep! Only in Mexico! lol

    On another note… Here’s a cow for you. 

But check out his tongue though! Ewww. Literally, I thought it was a banana!   

Here are some of the orphaned children. 🙂   

And here are the owners of the trained goat and cow! Those are only two of their many farm animals. They are one of the families that attend the local church we work with.

This is their house… As you can see, it is in a very poor condition. ;(

Here’s another family. We were able to bring them clothes, food, snacks, toys, and all that other stuff that YOU all donated! Big thank you! We also sang with them and of course played some volleyball.   
Obviously, I also took some selfies!     

And if you want just the photos, click here!
Well that’s all for now folks! Till next time!!!


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