Feeling Blue

Anxiety has been stressing me out on more levels than I can even begin to explain to you. The thought of leaving behind all my friends and family leaves me sleepless at night. But everyday I realize more and more how blessed I am to have this opportunity to go out and do something like this for God!

With everything going on I thought it might be appropriate to have a farewell post. Lately, my friends and I have gone on a few trips, and I’ve decided that the moments spent with these guys are the ones I want to remember πŸ™‚

This ones for you guys! 

Four Mile Beach 


Love me some greenery! Check out these tones! (Btw, happy birthday to Mr. Gene over here! Check out his journal if for some of his shots as well here)




Wanted to swim to this guys so badly! That’s the California Coast for ya! Never disappoints 😊



Finished the evening with a visit to Capitola! If you stop by make sure you visit Mr.Toots Cafe! Live music, and a great water front view! (Seriously 5/5 for Mr.Toots)!!! 

Here’s Capitola for ya! Beautiful town! 


And here you have TimothySir- most hipster dude you will ever meet! Here! See for yourself! 😏  


And finally, @slavadashrimp- the dude who dedicated the past two months to making sure that I’m never left alone and well taken care of at all times! 


One of the most relaxing Saturday’s I’ve had in a while! Thank you guys for tagging me along! But wait! There’s more! 

Mellow Monday

So I haven’t seen one of my best friends in maybe almost a month due to TBS, Amistad and then some. So we scheduled a little runaway day to Alamere Falls just yesterday. 

Of course, gotta start the day with a nice breakfast! (Shout out to Noah’s Bagels for the meal that took us through the whole day- literally, we didn’t eat or drink again till late this evening!) 


Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee and a Turkey Swiss melt on an Asiago bagel! Yaaaaasss!!! Check out this beauty!!….    
And here you see my partner in crime! 😘


And here you see that I’m just about ready to pig out! 😁
We left around 12:00pm, traffic wasn’t too bad, but thank God for my Prius! 3 quarters of the tank took us there and back (a nice 300 miles there and back) 

  The drive was long, but honestly- with this view… I’m not even mad! God took his time when he made all this!   
And the adventure begins. First off, can I just say this is a 4.2 mile hike… ONE WAY!! And yes, we both wore jeans and were not smart enough to bring neither snacks nor water! Let me tell you, 21,000 steps!!! Expecting some serious leg improvements! 

  And of course, we had to ask everyone who passed by to take a picture of us together.. Not even mad tho.. Except some people just don’t know how to use a camera and you turn out as a silhouette, or just completely cropped out of the picture.   
Check out the greenery tho.. On the way back we ran into a fox.. They’re actually not that scary lol they’re pretty cute. Wish I got a picture ;( 


 And since casual poses are too mainstream, here you have us on a table. You’re welcome.   

 So this was my first time on this hike, and Ollie’s second time. She’s gone about 8 years ago, so I was counting on her sense of direction to guide us. The whole time we were under the impression that this was a nice 2 mile hike….   
  Yea… It wasn’t a two mile hike. She kept claiming that we hit the half way mark, and we kept NOT hitting it lol (shout out to spotify for filling the silence with music half way through)   
Ooo wait, another passer byer! πŸ˜‚

  And of course, Us, White girls have to snapchat our adventure lol 

  And here you have it folks! Alamere Falls!!! Pretty cute actually. I love that it wasn’t completely crowded with tourists like us. But it had just the right amout of people for us to be able to snatch one of them to snap a shot of us together 😁  
Only one piece of advice for those of you who want to try this out, don’t wear Toms. They have no grip what so ever, and will wear and tear by the end of your hike lol see for yourself …

  Finished off the evening with a nice nap before sunset 😊
First things first, Ima miss all of you guys! I know I didn’t have time to spend a day with everyone I wanted to but just know that your support has meant everything to me and is what has been keeping me going this whole time. It’s not easy to pack everything in (56 lbs) and go out into the unknown, but I’m taking a huge leap of faith and just letting God do it all for me. The anxiety took away my appetite for a few days but I think that after some prayer I’m finally ready to take it all in! God put peace on my heart and I’m actually excited now more than ever! So good bye for now all you beautiful people 😘 I’ll try to update the blog at least once a week, and again huge thank you to everyone who’s been praying and fasting for me. It’s been making all the difference!! Blessings, see you all tomorrow with “A Layover in Paris!”


6 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

  1. Oxie! Your posts are awesome! I can literally hear you saying all of this and explaining it to me as if I’m there. Thank you for keeping me updated! I love it! God bless you on this awesome journey! Keep us updated! Praying for you girl! Love and miss you like crazy!:)

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  2. So, no big deal, but I’m totally just patiently waiting for the next blog update. Cause like, snapchat is not enough right now!


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