A Layover in Paris 

Can you believe we’re in Paris?!?!?! Man… I think that with every trip I take, I feel more and more touristy than the last… I’m a disgrace lol, but can you blame a girl? Funny thing is, when you start putting God first, it’s almost like He gives you everything you’ve ever wanted!

The flight was a piece of cake! Everything went perfectly, praise God for that. Before we left, my whole family got together (a nice 50 people) and we had such a beautiful family moment! I only share this because these things rarely ever happen with EVERY single person in my family being present. There are so many of us, it’s like impossible to get us all together; 10 kids, and 7 of them are married with their own kids, totaling 24 nieces and nephews! As I was saying, my whole family gathered for the sole purpose of having a prayer for this trip! Most touching family moment ever!! So many tears were shed!!!!

And the journey begins! After a few complications at the Parisian airport, we finally got out of there! My first thoughts were simple, “Oh my good Lord, I wanna learn French!!!!” Such a beautiful language! 😍   And then we’re off to explore ALŁ of Paris within the next few hours! Here is most of the group I’ll be venturing with for the next half year!!!

Here it is folks: The Eiffel Tower!!! It’s way bigger than I thought it would be!

It literally wouldn’t fit in a photo from this close; I had to walk about half a mile away to get a good shot! But the detail on it was incredible. The plan was to come back by sundown so we could go to the top, but over the next few hours and ten miles of walking, we couldn’t handle it–we were so worn out.

Eiffel Tower, check! Up next, macarons!! Well food first, and then macarons; can’t go to France, and NOT have macarons. Passed tons of cute little spots like this before we found a cafe that actually served those scrumptious little bites of heaven!

First we went to “Ma Mia Cafe” where I got their famous chicken’ cheese, tomato panini! Delicious!!!! It came with “American sauce” 😂 Later I found out it was mayonnaise! No ranch. The French don’t believe in ranch. They don’t even know what it is! 

And finally, I got my box of macarons!! I even went back for a second box! These macarons are all the hype! Better than the ones we have in Sacramento by like a landslide! The cafe was called “Salon de thé”… No idea what it means.

Even this weird green pistachio macaron tasted fabulous! 

And for all you people who have been saying it wrong your whole lives, they’re called macarONS, not macaroons! Macaroons are a coconut cookie! Two totally different things! I even have a video of the pastry chef pronouncing it!

Next stop, l’Arc de Triomphe, also way bigger than I expected it to be! Here it is behind this cute little vintage crepe stand. 😁  
    Let me tell you! It took thirty minutes of walking around this whole thing to figure out how to actually get to the arc without getting run over! Apparently there’s an underground tunnel to get to the actual arc. There’s no crosswalk! 

AND you can go to the top of it as well. Saved that for the next time I go there!

But here it is from under! Kinda lol. Absolutely amazing detail on it! 

At this point, Marina and I had walked a good 7 miles. Our next stop was the Museum de Louvre, which according to our bike rider Nicholas, was another half hour to hour of walking. So naturally, we both paid for the ride lol.

Here’s Nicholas the bike rider for those of you who were curious lol (I like his shirt color!) 😁

Woo hoo the Louvre, or as they call it: the Musée du Louvre! I felt like I was in Britain looking at it!

Here’s the glass Louvre Pyramid! Btw, this museum is HUGE!!! We got lost in there… 😒. They say you need to set aside a whole day to tour all of it! 

I wasn’t sure what that was at first, but after some consulting with Google, I discovered it was the Arc du Carousel; true to its name, it is located conveniently next to a carousel! ☺️

Alright, here’s a sneak peak of the Museum… Check out the ceilings though! 


Absolutely incredible! 

Some wall carvings in the Near Eastern curatorial department (which included antiques from the Levant, Mesopotamia, and Persia).

More ceilings!


And of course, the room that holds the very famous MONA LISA!!! Look at the size of that crowd! I was wondering where all the people were… they were all in here!

  Literally! They were all in here! Look at everyone taking a picture of what might have been the smallest thing in the whole museum! 😂😂 Myself included. 

And directly across the smallest thing in the whole museum… is the biggest thing in the whole museum. This painting took up the whole wall. 😳

 Right next to the museum was the Pont des Arts Love Locks bridge.. And I HAD pictures until I accidentally deleted them all 😭 they were so cute, I’ve never hated myself more! But it’s ok, because I still have photos of us door hunting!! This is my favorite building in Paris lol. #symmetry 

Hecka beautiful doors for no reason!

I had fun spotting them lol. I also had more doors but they were deleted with the others…   

Marina and I were finished after the door hunting. Ten miles later and ten miles away from the Eiffel Tower, we couldn’t walk anymore! We called a taxi and drove back to the hotel. Straight up fell asleep in that car!!

We were able to get all of that done in about 8 hours. Eiffel Tower, 2 cafes, Arc de Triomphe, Musée de Louvre, Love Lock Bridge, and door hunting lol. We could’ve went to the Notre Dame and back to the Eiffel Tower for the night light show… But the 3 hours of sleep in an airplane probably kicked in. It’s all good, ’till next time☺️ Got back to the hotel and passed out ’till morning. And now we’re off to Estonia! Cheers to a new beginning from me and Mark! Stay posted for our arrival in Estonia

Btw, that croissant sandwich was like way more delicious than I had expected lol. Go airplane food!

I’d also like to say that God has just been so good to me! I would have never imagined myself here 5 years ago. I’d never believe that I’d be on my way to minister in Estonia! And I’m just amazed by everything that I’ve been seeing, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming! God bless you guys!


23 thoughts on “A Layover in Paris 

  1. This is great! Seriously keep on posting every chance you get. Makes me feel like I’m traveling too!!
    Blessings! I will be praying for your mission group!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I take offense to the fact that you don’t let me take photos, yet post the randomest things on yo blog. Its cool i guess,


  3. Great pictures, look like you enjoyed yourself and saw and did loads… Love the image of you sitting by the tower – Great shot. I Love Paris – did you get to soak up its ambiance at night? its magnificent – I blogged about it recently if your interested…

    Liked by 1 person

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