Hi Maardu

We are spending the next 2 weeks in Estonia!!!!! I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it! So stoked! We got picked up from the most adorable and tiny airport ever. I kind of felt like I was back in Ukraine, except everyone was speaking Estonian. To be completely honest, half of our group didn’t even know what Estonia was, let alone speak Estonian. Lucky for us, 90% of Estonians speak Russian as their primary language! Don’t ask why, I don’t have the answer.

Right now, we’re being housed in what’s called a hostel. It’s like a hotel, but not quite. Hostels are set up more like dorms where a bunch of strangers that need a place to stay split the price of their room. We ended up paying 25 Euros for two weeks. (Roughly $27.50 per person). Which is a great deal!!! Check it out!   This one up top isn’t actually my room, I stayed with my sister. It was just the two of us. Sweet! 🙂 

  Our room had 2 small little bunk beds, a fridge, a small desk, and a closet for your clothes. The restroom we shared between 5 other girls from the other dorms. Fortunately we all knew each other since we came together, but normally I’m assuming you’d share the room and the bathroom with a bunch of people you’ve never seen before.

I mean, not the best rooms. Wasn’t royalty or anything… But heck, for 27 Euros, it was totally worth it!

Ok. So what are my first thoughts? Well I felt like I was in a cute little town in Ukraine, and I began to remember my childhood! And after that it was little things that began upset me. Not about Estonia, but about America.

For example, why are we the only place in the world to use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius!? I had a simple conversation about the weather, and I couldn’t figure out how much 17 degrees Celsius was (55 in Fahrenheit), let alone explain that in California, it was 110 degrees Fahrenheit!

Or miles versus kilometers?! While driving I saw a speed sign that read 70, but couldn’t figure out why it felt like we were driving 45!

Or how about at the grocery store! You wanna buy some apples, so you check to see how much they cost, and it says 50 euro cents per KILOGRAM!!! We use the pound. How many kilograms make up one pound? …After I JUST googled it, I found that that was the wrong question. Apparently, it’s two pounds that make up one kilogram! Who knew right? A whole new window of opportunities has been opened!

America is weird!

Did you know, that if you’re engaged here, you wear your ring on your right hand, not the left? Yea… Me neither.

And street signs are not on the streets! They’re on building walls!

Anyways, now that I got that out of my system, let us continue. 

That store up there, Maxima, it’s like the Winco/Wal-Mart of Estonia! Interesting shopping experiences here. I learned that I can neither speak nor read even an ounce of Estonian! We’re managing though, most of them speak either Russian or English:)

Welcome to Maardu!!  

Alright, so what’s the fuss all about? Why are we here? So the team and I are partnering with a team called “Nehemia” from Germany. Our plan is to plant a church here in Maardu. The building is ready, everything is set up, all we need now… Are the people.

This is the building up above. Our goal is that by the end of these two weeks, we’re going to need a second building. So this whole week we’ll be evangelizing and spreading the news and creating several events for the locals here. I’m pretty excited to see how everything will play out!


And this lovely couple is the head of the team! Kristina and Yohans (Ivan) Dappen! Very simple, inspiring, God fearing, God loving couple! These two put this whole thing together! Without them, none of us would even be here! Kristina actually used to live in California and she married and moved to Germany where she and her husband travel around the world planting new churches. Awesome couple! Check out her Facebook here if you’d like. 🙂

We spend the days in prayer and prep, and then we do simple things like play soccer to bring in the locals.

  Whatever works, right?

We lost the game… But no matter, we still keep the chins up!

  I have to be honest and make a confession, I have developed a new addiction here… Tea!!! I drink tea what seems like all the time now! Maybe 3-5 times a day! And the cute little mismatched tea sets!!! Ahhhh I can’t even! Sooooo adorable. I confess, it’s probably 97% of the reason I drink the tea… 

The only complaint so far is the jet lag. At about mid day all I want to do is curl up in a ball and take a nap! At this point, I’ll sleep anywhere if you let me. Early mornings, and late nights… Ugh! Anyways. We’re off to get this movement started. Can’t wait to see what God is gonna do in this city! 
Keep the prayers coming guys!! 😘 Until next time!


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