Ferry to Finland 

First of all, can I just say, why doesn’t anyone come here?!?! Finland is actually very beautiful. To put it into perspective for our Californian’s, it’s like Lake Tahoe… but everywhere!

Fun fact: Finland is actually home to over 180,000 lakes!

We finished up in Estonia a few days earlier than planned, so our pastor made some phone calls, contacted a friend in Finland, and here we are! ☺️ Staying in some pretty sweet cabins owned by a fellow pastor; Osmo Pöysti is his name.

We took a ferry from Estonia to Finland, and with us we took our 35 seater bus, and drove 4 hours through Tampere, Finland all the way to Kuru. The drive was absolutely scenic! 😍

Check it out!

We pretty much explored all day and then in the evening we had a small get together with the pastor and his kids. We had a pretty sweet camp fire set up and sang worship songs by the lake (Finnish worship music is beautiful by the way)!!! The lake was actually part of their campground! Obviously, we roasted some sausages! And OBVIOUSLY, we shared some testimonies:) That was the best part… Their stories!


  • She has dreams that like, literally come true! She went to an English bible school in Hawaii, speaking little to no English, for TWO years! There she had a dream, where God told her that she would marry someone who was a Fin but spoke no Finnish. Anyways, long story short, she met a the guy (Corbin, who introduced himself as a “Fin who speaks no Finnish”), and they actually ended up getting married (and have a beautiful baby girl, Rebecca), and they go all over the world doing missionary work! They plan on moving to South Africa permanently for missions! She just could not get over how much greater God’s plan was for her in her life. I mean, she married someone who couldn’t speak an ounce of her native language (like, he needed Saara’s brother to translate for him when he asked her father for permission to date her)! Crazy! So crazy how their life went from A to B!


(Here’s me, with Saara, Corbin, Rebecca, and my sister)


  • Corbin is Saara’s husband. He shared about his first time witnessing a healing in South Africa. He went to a part of town where the rich people (white people), and African American’s,  LITERALLY lived right next door to each other. “70,000 people live in half a square mile, separated from the rich white community by a fence.” A fence is the only thing keeping them from the wealthy people! So, of course, he goes in there! He doesn’t speak their language so he ends up finding a little kid to translate, and he gets right to it. They find another kid who has a dislocated arm. He tells the kid that they want to pray for his hand because he wants to see his arm get healed  (The kid freaks out at first, but eventually he finally allows them to pray over him). After a few minutes of prayer, you hear a loud POP. His arm popped into place!! The kid is completely amazed! Corbin asks if anyone else needs healing, and the kid starts pointing to his knee! So they pray for his knee and the SAME THING happens!!! You hear a loud pop and BAM, his knee is also healed! Then again, “Does anyone else need healing?” And the translator says that his mom is home and she’s very sick. So they go to his house, she didn’t allow them to come in, so they all prayed for her from outside (even the little local kids out their little hands on the house and prayed). The kid goes inside the house to find that immediately his mom felt better!

This was a huge encouragement and uplifting experience for Corbin. And actually him sharing these testimonies really touched me!

I’m literally going to start walking up to people asking them if I could pray for them to receive healing! I’m just the kind of person that has never seen someone get healed right before my eyes! I’m always barely missing it. I’m either in the bathroom when it happens, or looking away, or something. But I ALWAYS just barely miss it! And I feel like it’s gonna happen, I’m gonna SEE God heal someone during this trip, and I’m going to SEE it happen right in front of me and it’s gonna be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!!


Ok. Last one from Finland, I promise.

  • Jeremiah just came back from Thailand.. Yesterday! He barely got any sleep, but he made it out to share about his experience. He went with his church for 2 weeks, and then he stayed for another two weeks on his own. He had to live off of 3 Euros a day, so his budget was pretty tight. He prayed for a little financial help, and God literally answered his prayers right away. He gets a message on Facebook, “God put it on my heart to send this money to you. Give me your account info and I’ll transfer it to you!” This person tripled his budget!

This was just one of many small examples of how God kept answering his prayers immediately while he was on missions. He felt like God never left his side!

Honestly, I can relate. I’m going through some crazy times of testing and trials, but through it all I can feel God in my life. I can see him protecting me and blessing me and my whole group in anything we do! There is most definitely fruit in what God is doing with us! Praise God!

Well anyways, besides the awesome stories and people and connections, we also saw a lot of Finland. Here are some of the highlights☺️ Enjoy! Please excuse the excessive writing on this one 🙂 God bless y’all, and thank you for the prayers!


Our final goodbyes from our Maardu friends


Our ride to Finland!

The forest Finland is made of 🙂


Random kids that are like the Finland BMX crew or something!


Boating! One of my favorite experiences there! I’d own a boat if I lived here… And a kayak… And a canoe… And a paddle board… Pretty much anything that floats on water, I’d have it!


This is my beautiful Nastya! My newest and closest Maardu friend!


And this is my beautiful Vika 

And these are my feet. You will be well acquainted with both my feet and hand over some time of reading these blogs! (Because sometimes, there’s just no other way to get a photo!)    

#FollowMe to Finland!


Like I said, absolutely scenic walks!


My dearest Emma!


More of my euromission crew, Other Vika!  

Ang! My other model.:)


We walked to a waterfall near our cabins, a bit dirty- but hey…. nature right;)


Sara, my favorite red head!


Something about this photo, love the tones! Thanks for posing Vadim!    


Sara and I stayed up pretty late to attempt my first long exposure shot! I’ll admit, it needs some work… And I was also a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see a glimpse of the Aurora Lights. As long as there’s a next time, I’m okay. DSCF3967

 Our favorite pastor/bus driver (Pastor Valery) surprised us with this stop at the Jägala Waterfall on the way to Tallin. So pretty!


Here’s that hand I warned you about!

DSCF3974 Here’s to what will be my family in Ukraine for the remainder of the year, and one heck of a missionary trip! Cheers!

-XoXo & Blessings, Oxie-

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!”- Matthew 28:19


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  1. Awwww I absolutely love this one! The pictures are gorgeous! And props on the long exposure! It looks super cool!!! I want to say come home faster, but in all honesty it would be so much cooler if I could just join you lol!

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