Begin Again | Ukraine

I wondered for a long time how to write this one. Should I wait till the week is over and write it in past tense or should I write it now before I even arrive to our final destination?

…Neither. I decided, that this one is special. It’s the beginning again. A whole new mission! Theeeee mission! This one, I’ll write as I go! ☺️ I want to give you a bit more of what’s going on inside my head. So just for this one post, step into my shoes, more words, less pictures, let your mind wander as you read on…

* * * * * * *

We’re at the airport now in Tallin, it’s currently 2:00am and most everyone in our team is asleep. I just posted my most recent blog on Finland, updated Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media, and now all that’s left to think about is what’s ahead… Good and bad things..

Bad: soon my sister and I will part ways, she’ll be in Germany and I’ll be in Ukraine with what I’ll undoubtedly begin to call my second family over these next few months!

Good: after months of preparation, prayer, fasting, mini missions, and a night productively spent at the airport, we will finally be in Ukraine!!!!! 😁

I’m going to miss having my sister around for those bitter-sweet, home-sick moments ;(

* * * * * * *

It’s officially time for departure, said the final good bye to my sister, for now at least 😉 (Marina, you’ll be a blessing to all those kids in Germany, safe travels babe, I love you!) I’m not one to cry in front of people, but holding in the tears was a bit difficult, especially as I looked back to see my sister taking on a whole new chapter… Alone (physically speaking of course, God will guide her spiritually!)   

* *  * * * * *

Made it to a lovely 2 hour layover in Riga, Latvia (7:30 am) . Kind of excited to be here! Of all places, I never thought I’d have any reason to set foot into Latvia (it’s nice to say I traveled a bit more… And got that extra stamp on my passport;)) its bright and early, and I’m running on about 10 sad minutes of sleep that I managed to force on the plane.

I left the rest of the group for the time being, felt like it was necessary to have some quality me time. I came upon a place called Sweet Delights, ordered, sat down with my little plate and cup, turned on my wifi, and caught up on my snapchats.

To my surprise, I opened to my sister crying after my leave, and a nice 200 seconds of my nieces and nephews back home sending their love (thanks Olesya for sending those, watching them is my favorite part of the day)! Absolutely melted my heart! I was immediately  inspired to catch up with my family. So of course, I whipped out my Viber app (thank God for these little nifty apps), and called my parents. Had a cute little breakfast with my family while they had dinner. For a moment it felt like home ☺️


* * * * * * *

Got my postcards, got my breakfast, got my coffee, caught up with the loved ones, and now I still have to wait a bit more. Current time, 8:56 am (just finished discussing important bff info over FaceTime with Anna 😘).

The coffee wore out, and I can almost feel my body shutting down on me. Latvia is great, and it’s beautiful (lots of green flat lands), but at this point I’m growing impatient and feel like I’m going to pass out any moment only to have the plane leave without me!

* * * * * * *

Finally boarded, still pretty exhausted! But let’s be real, I can almost never sleep on planes… And the anxiety is killing me!!! Theeeeee biggest butterflies in my tummy ever! Up, up we go!

* * * * * * *

Beautiful skies 💙💙💙

* * * * * * *

Hereeeeeeee!!!! Honestly don’t know what to expect! I feel a bit nauseous and I’m ready to sleep! We’re staying at a church not too far from Kiev. No wifi, in the middle of no where, people walk their cows, and every one owns a farm! Which is actually cool! Reminds me of my home years ago, in Odessa, Ukraine:)


They prepared our rooms for us, no door for now (we have a blanket hanging from the ceiling acting as our door). But we’re off to serve at a children’s camp for the next 5 days (5 hours away, in a little village called Sumy), and then another children’s camp back at our Village here! P.S. That’s actually a photo of the guys room, us ladies have bunk beds 🙂

* * * * * * *

Becoming more and more aware of how horribly I speak Ukrainain. You have no idea how insanely hard it is to get your full ideas across. I have to dumb everything down because I don’t know “this word” in Ukrainian. Such basic sentences! (Smh)

Currently hoping that I’ll speak more fluently over these next few months. 😒

* * * * * * *

God has been building me and breaking me only to build me up again. Here on the field is when it really counts.

Meeting tons of new people, missing your family and your friends, but all the while disciplining yourself to turn to God. Right now, He is my best friend!

It may seem like we’re having tons of fun (which we are), always fun to serve God, but don’t let it fool you, every single one of us is fighting our own battle right now. We all have our moments of weakness. You can never understand how it feels until you go through it yourself.

Expecting some serious changes to take place within me.

* * * * * * *

Back to regular blogs next week, with our first children’s camp in Sumy, Ukraine! Keep the prayers comin’, lots of work to do here!

XoXo, Oxxie.

“…And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭28:20‬


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