A Series of Unfortunate Events

As you may or may not have heard, I have had the privilege of returning home again for a short time to watch Lillie (one of my best friends) wave good-bye to her single life forever, and tie the knot with the man she now calls “the love of her life” (Ivan, pfft. Stealing Lillie from us. I forgive you). Enjoy some of the wedding photos here while I go on to describe what may have been one of my most memorable days yet:)

with some preparation and pounds of make up the day began unfolding at 5 in the morning!

with some preparation and pounds of make up the day began unfolding at 5 in the morning!

I am now back in the warm embrace of my home in Ukraine. Little did I know the series of unfortunate events awaiting me here.

I give you, the bridal party!

I give you, the bridal party!

Due to my failure of printing my boarding pass in America with my free time, (I decided to go to Jack’s and spend my last few hours eating with my friends instead of using my time wisely and getting those both printed), I was very ignorant of the terminal I was to take when I arrived to Paris.

This inconvenienced me in many ways. I was doomed to roaming the airport of Paris completely clueless for over an hour. I was beginning to plan the cascenario in the event that I should miss my next flight. The help of the airport employees ended up saving the day, only after explaining several times why I failed to present my boarding pass to them.

my babes <3

my babes ❤


Regardless, I didn’t let this ruin my mood, or the fact that I was sleepless on the plane for ten hours, because despite what many may think, I was actually excited to return back to my Ukrainians.

I got horrible seating in both of my flights. (Luckily, I was able to switch one of them out for a window seat up at the front). However, seat 40G was not a window seat, at the very back of the plane, next to two very friendly men. (I actually really liked talking to both of them, one of them was well in his age, a retired anthropology professor who also happened to be an Atheist. Can you guess what we talked about?) And in my next flight, two Irish Quakers who were touring Kiev for the weekend. On both flights we covered the three untouchable topics, Religion, Politics, and abortion! It was… Interesting to say the least! Despite our differences, our conversations were nothing less than entertaining.


I landed my flight. Finally walking the wet floors of Ukraine, desperately looking for my taxi driver. I breathe in the cigarette scented air, and exhale carbon dioxide, watching my warm breath fill the space before me for nearly an hour! It’s past 6pm, going on 7, I haven’t slept for a full day by now, so it was no surprise that I completely passed out during the taxi ride. (I have never been more thankful to traffic for prolonging the drive from the airport to the train station).


An hour later, I awaken, frantically searching for money to pay the taxi driver, gathering my 5 somethings with me (backpack, jacket, sweater, hat, and what’s the fifth thing? Oh well, must not be important). The taxi driver waits for me outside with my suitcase already out of the trunk. I pay him, and run off to buy my train ticket so as not to miss it. Mid-walk I reach into my pocket to check the time on my phone. Except… My phone isn’t in my pocket!

I check pocket one. Pocket two. Backpocket. Other backpocket. Nothing. I check again! At this point, I’ve remember what that fifth something was, so now I’m running back to my taxi driver with my 4 something’s, hoping he isn’t too far from my path. Unfortunately, he was long gone.


I use a strangers phone to contact my friends who ordered the taxi for me hoping she can phone him again. Long story short… The taxi driver claimed he didn’t have it, nor has he seen it, and “maybe [I] should call the passengers who came after me, maybe they have it”. They didn’t.


Being that I have an iphone, I quickly open my macbook to see if I could locate the iPhone 6s I had JUST gotten one week ago. It’s offline. On top of that, I also discover that my laptop is dying and I had forgotten the charger at home.

Phoneless, sleepless, but still hopeful, I run to catch the last train to my home.

At this point, I’m exhausted more than words can say, but nonetheless, I can’t wait to be greeted warmly by my friends back at home. I was only a short 7 minute taxi drive away!

Little did I know, that that short 7 minute taxi drive, would’ve turned into a long 45 minute walk in the cold dark, with my 4 somethings and carry-on behind me, at midnight….








It’s 5 days later. I still haven’t found my phone, nor did I buy a new one, I bought a new charger for a wamming $120 value, and have had more time on my hands than I can remember ever having had with a phone.

No boarding pass, no window seat, no phone, no charger, no taxi… I admit. I was nothing short of frustrated when I arrived home. But I fell asleep and slept through half of the following day, and am STILL suffering from horrible jetlag. But being here, we’ve already gotten to visit the local orphanage, the church, the friends, as well as my favorite grandma! No series of unfortunate events could ever make me regret coming back here. Besides, it’ll make one heck of a story to look back to. Can’t wait for all the unfortunate events lying up ahead 🙂

With best regards, regardless of not having it best,

-XoXo Oxie-


13 thoughts on “A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. Ah Oxie – that soounds very stressful – however the pictures look great – I am so glad you got to experience this with your friends back home and you all look great! Unfortunate events are always there to challenge us but I am sure you will get through them all like you always do… Good luck with the next set of adventures and keep making a difference

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