Adopting Love

I’m only 20 years old, and today I thought about adopting a kid. (Well that escalated quickly! I know, right?)


Upon my return to Ukraine, we got to visit an orphanage. Orphanages here are a little different than the ones we have in America. These orphanages are somewhat like a foster care and an orphanage combined.



Much like our child services in the US, the ones here will separate a child from his/her parents if they feel that the parents are failing to provide or are somehow or some way endangering the child. But in the same system, will also go orphaned children, who have been in the system since birth.


I was amazed at how quickly I fell in love with those kids and even more so, how quickly they fell in love with me! The young ones couldn’t have known any better, they braided my hair, they hugged me, they attacked me with kisses, they insisted on sitting in my lap, grabbed my hand to hold- they wanted affection. They wanted me to show that I love them back.

Didn’t they know that I’m only here for the day? Don’t they know that I may never see them again? And still, they treat me like they’ve known me for years! Like I’ll be back tomorrow. The older ones knew better. Or so it seemed. It’s almost like all the failed attempts of loving everyone to came in to see them, back fired and slapped reality onto their faces. It’s like someone put an adult in a teenagers body.


And all the while, I’m there considering my options.

Hmm. I’m a single 20 year old woman who has been repulsed by the idea of marriage for as long as I can remember. Having my own kids is out of the question. Maybe I can take one of these guys home? Can I do that? Are you allowed to adopt as a single woman? But I can’t deprive someone of a father, and Lord knows Ima be single for a while! Although, one parent is better than none, soooo… Maybe I should just sneak one in through my suitcase or something? Nah, he’ll probably suffocate. Plus, he’d never get past TSA! Well gosh darn it… What now?


They shared some of their stories with me. The ones who still had parents told me why they come here. Dad’s always drunk, mom can’t support the family, and at least here, they get to go to school.

Literally, I was sad to leave! We wanted to come back the following week, but we weren’t allowed to on such short notice without interfering with their schedule.


We made the most of the time we had. Gave them snacks, played games with them (found out that they run crazy fast), sang them some songs, and before we knew it the day was over.



How can you fall in love with a kid so quickly? There was a moment, I honestly felt like I was capable of mothering a child! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here (I know I’m an impulsive person and all, but don’t worry), I didn’t go and adopt a kid. But they really stole my heart! ❤


I read this on my friends facebook status a few days after the visit. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

“Love is such an odd concept. It cannot even be proven to exist. It cannot really be completely explained and a person can only begin to understand it after experiencing it first hand. Amidst all of our differences, the symptoms of love are the same for everyone. It’s absolutely undeniable. Anyone can experience it and no one ever forgets what it feels like. It can entirely transform a person’s character, and yet, we don’t know it’s purpose. How can something that seems so useless be so necessary to us? How can something that can be mastered by a child be such a powerful force? Truly a unique thing.” – Vasya


Love is weird. It really is an unexplainable bond. That’s why it’s so appropriate to call God, Love. It is what He is. He is Love. Unexplainable. I believe that it is because of God that we can love the way we do. Even the ability to love a child who isn’t yours, as if he/she is your own, is God-given. And for anyone who has adopted, my many respects to you! After this visit, maybe someday, I will too 🙂

-XoXo, Oxie-


9 thoughts on “Adopting Love

  1. I’m over here holding back tears😢 I jealous and amazed. I’ve always known you loved children and that one day you’ll be a mama. But I could totally see you doing this lol you would be amazing ❤️ great blog

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