Saturday Farewell’s

I like to spend my Friday’s in my pajamas watching sappy romance classic’s surrounded by kleenex and my favorite ladies (because there’s no better love story in my life other than the one’s I watch on my laptop).

After successfully watching a series of Nicholas Sparks movies and only the best cartoon ever, Inside Out, we woke up early to get ready for our Saturday kids ministry.

I’d hate to brag, but I cooked up like thee bombest breakfast ever known to man 😌(eggs, sausage, and a side of fresh veggies; simplicity is key)! Anywho, back on track- like every other Saturday, we drove to a nearby village to play with the kids in the area.



Since I wasn’t able to go the past 3 Saturday’s, I was greeted by tons of hug attacks from the moment I walked in, followed by a flood of questions regarding how my trip back to America was!


I do admit, playing with the kids without my girls by my side was a bit weird, and I was reminded only a million and ten times to pass on tons of hugs and kisses (So ladies, xoxo from our other fam! Especially Yana and Nastya😘). But those kids were quick to distract me and pull me out of my momentary depression.



Excuse all the black and white photos, the lighting indoors was horrific!

It wasn’t until moments later when I whipped out my camera that I was surrounded by a crowd of kids trying to stealing it from me. It was crazy how aggressive they were about it! It’s almost as if they’ve never seen a camera. Although, I do admit, I have the cutest camera ever, perfect for my life on-the-go 😉 (Shout out to TImmy for suggesting the Fujifilm x100)!


While I continued playing around, the kiddos took turns blowing up my camera roll with over 300 very ummm… artistic photos! To save you the trouble of going through 300+ photos, I’ve picked out some of my favorites. Enjoy 🙂

(They didn’t fail to take photos of nearly every angle of the house lol. Oh and the little girl with the calendar… don’t worry, she didn’t forget get a photo with every single page of the calendar 😂)

Hopefully, now you understand why I have such an attraction to the kids here. They have such an interesting perspective 😂<3 These kids gave me a reason to come back. Sometimes I wonder why I came back if I knew that I only had a little over a month left to serve here (and alone at that). But whenever I’m with these kids they really give me a sense of purpose. They have a way of making you feel like you belong ❤


If I ever come back to Ukraine (and I definitely will), I hope that I get to visit all my friends here! It’s hard to explain the attachment I’ve created with them. Even though I forget there names a hundred times over (I’ve never been that great with names), and I only see them once a week, everytime I visit them it’s as if I never left. We quickly pick up where we left off.


Playing with them, laughing with them, making our own inside jokes and then some, makes it all worth it.

So, if I could go back in time, yes, I’d have done it all over again. The flight here, the flight back, and even the stay here may have been expensive, and over-budget (considering I needed 2 roundtrip tickets), but the experience, the memories, and the relationships were priceless.


To those of you who sponsored me, a HUGE thank you!!!!! This never would’ve been possible if it weren’t for your generosity! And for everyone who supported me, you are equally valued. You’ll never know the kind of support you need out here, and even showing concern just once made all the difference in those times of weakness! I love you guys!

Blog ya later 🙂

-XoXo, Oxie –


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