Start Over

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Dayyy!!!!! Aside from all the wonderful things that man did, he also gave a majority of us a nice three day weekend! Which means, you have him to thank for this blog post:)

It just so happens that even though my missionary trip is over, the adventure never is. It is called “Oxie On The Go” for a reason. Yes, yes. I’ve been slacking lately, but in my defense, I’ve been…distracted. 

As it would have it, the good Lord has willed upon me an answer to my prayer. I am officially EMPLOYED! Finally starting over! Needless to say, I needed something other than sleep to occupy my time. It seems I’ve hit what I like to call Post-Missionary Blue’s.

Long story short, Post-Missionary Blue’s are when you return from a missionary trip and you worry you’ll slip away from God and all the worry causes you to do exactly what you were afraid of doing and well, slip away from God.

I did what every girl does best, completely blew it out of proportion. Over thinking. Ahh, the demons we women face. Smh.

Well of course, the thought process seemed endless. So I figured some distractions were in order. When T.V. shows, movies, and late night dinners didn’t cut it, I decided a good old fashion road trip was in order. You know, nature never disappoints. Unless it’s mother nature…

Any who, thus the rise of my most recent (MUCH needed) adventure to Shark Fin Cove with my niece, Jessica. (Note to Jess: you the best for coming! Note to Jess’s friend: I am not her mother!)

And on that note, here’s a breakdown.

For the first time in forever, we ACTUALLY woke up on time! Left the house by 7:30 in the morning and after the usual morning routine, topped with breakfast and coffee, we made it to Shark Fin Cove before noon!

I know! I was especially impressed πŸ™‚

Only a short trail away from the cove, we were obviously distracted by the train tracks.


Being the girls that we are, we stopped to take photos in front of everything!






Played around a bit with the self-timer πŸ™‚


And met a fellow photographer. If my memory serves me correctly, he said his name was Mark with Digital Resolution.


Onward! More distractions! Yey! Courtesy of my ADHD.


I was particularly interested in the color of the bushes. Don’t mind us in our natural habitat.


And finally, I give you, THE SHARK FIN!!!!! Woohooo! Only like an hour later, but here it is!


And here it is again… in the background.


And the beauty of the hour-the fog!! Ain’t it purtty!?


Here is basically where I lost any photo editing skills I thought I had 😦 …


It just keeps going downhill. (No pun intended).



Obviously being that we are professional photographers, we need all the best angles and what not- which clearly implies that we have to get some photos from the right side of the Fin too!


And of course, I look like a complete waste of space when I take photos. But I’m going to go ahead and pull the blind card. I blame my unfortunate outward appearance on my contacts and horrible eye sight and blah blah blah.


Those darn contacts.


Obviously my doppelganger looks a million times better than me!




My phone is currently blown up with selfies, but I’ll spare you the trouble of looking through all of them. Personal fav below πŸ˜‰ 


Back to the Fin!


Down, down we go!


Yaaaasss!!! We have arrived! Ladies and gentlemen!!!! THE COVE!!!!



As you can see, the excitement was beyond us!


Literally dancing from joy!


Except the tide was rising so we basically had to make a run for it every thirty seconds.


Totally worth it though.


Had to get through this foamy stuff and basically destroy my shoes, but still worth it!


Meanwhile, other caves existed… But they were ehhh…


And of course, hair went into the sad excuse of french braids due to 20 mph winds and what not. 


The trip was exactly what I needed. A distraction. Some fresh air. Peace. Some quality time away. Had it not been for the parking ticket the trip would’ve been perfect. But if $38 is the price of happiness, then so be it.

Till next time folks!

-XoXo, Oxxie –



10 thoughts on “Start Over

  1. Love love love love love loooooove!!!! Kinda jealous that I didn’t get to go. 😦
    The photos are suuuuperb girl!!! You are killing it! ❀️❀️❀️

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so bad at the consistent edit thing. lol trying to do that basically ruined like more than half the photos for me! but thank you!!! πŸ’•πŸ’• I wish you were there but that’s ok. we have this weekend!!!! I can’t wait! Might not be Oregon but still lol

      Liked by 1 person

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