Yes, Mom!

I might’ve slacked off on posting this earlier, but if it’s of any consolation it’s been written since like last Monday! Not even in school and still procrastinating, smh.

Anyways, no excuses. Onward!

Recently, I got in trouble for skipping our Sunday Church service for a road trip to Coon Creek Cove. I know, right, the single 20 year old who still gets in trouble for such things.


Even more so, I really actually did feel bad about it. Also, I was starting to get a little scared.

Bad things tend to happen when I disobey my parents. It’s like, the wrath of God immediately comes down and all hell breaks loose! Last time my parents and I had this misunderstanding, I was with my best friend (Anna) in Arizona, and all of a sudden we got a speeding ticket, got stuck in 8 hour traffic, and ended up crying in some sketchy, overpriced resort in the middle of the desert.

Moral of the story, don’t mess with disobedience!

In my defense, the original plan was not executed! Big shocker there.

EXPECTATION: Leave Friday, explore caves Saturday, church Sunday morning, and then the beach.

REALITY: I came from work Friday night, passed out at around 9:30 pm!!! To this I say, Ollie was to come over and wake me. BUT, we ended up leaving Saturday afternoon. And explored the Coves Sunday. So church didn’t happen.


Maybe twenty minutes away from the Coves in San Luis Obispo, momma bear calls me, and proceeds to spend a good five minutes lecturing me about how I should know better. Meanwhile, I’m already bracing myself for bad things to start happening any second now.  So I do what any good daughter would do, I start to apologize, “Yes, mom. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. We planned to go but-“ aaaannnd she interrupts me, beats me with wisdom and the mother logic I so clearly lack, and hangs up.


Well then.

Talk about a Debbie downer.

Nothing like the nice mom-lecture to get you in the mood for Cove exploring! Yey…


At this point I’m just really glad I’m not the one driving, because I’m pretty sure if I was we’d end up crying in a sketchy, overpriced resort in the middle of Arizona.

Also, I’m just super overwhelmed with guilt, and this is starting to feel like a diary entry, so I’ll stop now. Here, look at photos instead!


I give you Coon Creek Cove 🙂


The beauty of the coves didn’t fail to momentarily distract me from the day’s misfortunes:)


OH! Let’s not forget the more positive part of the trip spent in LA.

First and foremost, shout out to Simon for being the great host that he was, and a slightly less great tourist ;P

The adventure began on the drive. The nice six hours down Interstate 5 with nothing but fields, farmlands, scenery, and the occasional overwhelming smell of cow manure!


I’m serious about that scenery. It’s much too beautiful to just pass through. If you get the chance to stop somewhere and just take photos or simply enjoy the sight your pupils are registering to your brain, then you should definitely do so! It’s beauty like this that reminds me of how massive and incredible God is!


These beautifully painted hills are located in the Angeles National Forest. I admit, my Prius hates the drive through here, because it’s all hills and slopes and let’s face it, that’s just not what my car was made for. But the scenery called for a mandatory stop along the highway!








God didn’t spare a single detail!

LA was its own adventure. I can’t say much, but let’s just say that if your life needs more pzazz, you probably need to watch a drunk guy sobbing because he just accidentally elbowed his girlfriend in the eye… At 3:28 in the morning!

The hysteria continued for the next hour as Mr. I-Gave-My-Gf-a-Black-Eye proceeded to wake the whole complex making apology phone calls.

Worry not folks, she forgave him!

Don’t you just love happy endings?! 😀

(Mr. I-Gave-My-Gf-a-Black-Eye will remain anonymous simply because I never actually got permission to share this particular event. #sorrynotsorry)


Conclusion, this trip made me wiser. I gained lots of basic knowledge. You know, stuff like: don’t skip Sunday service, fill up your car before it runs out of gas, don’t elbow your girlfriend in the face, and last but not least, always keep your spare quarters in the car. You never know when you’ll end up needing to dig up change for a toll fee.


Tip: a road trip is everything you make it out to be. All the stops along the way, all the misfortunes, all the money spent, the milage added, the over played songs, all of it is part of the trip. Make stops, pull over, learn a lesson, do it again.

It’s the experience after-all, right?

Till next time 🙂

-XoXo, Oxie-


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