Weekend “Getaway”

I’ve been known to make some pretty silly, totally avoidable, expensive mistakes in my time. The most recent trip we took to Washington to see Vance Creek Bridge is probably one of the better examples of why that’s true. Not because we flew to Washington, rented a car, and booked a place to stay, just to see a bridge; but because of all the other expensive, unplanned events that took place in the process.

Just so you get a general gist of what’s going on, this two day trip ended up costing us almost triple the amount it was intended to

All was going fine and dandy on our way to the bridge until the tire on our rental blew…

Still not a super bad case scenario, considering I’ve had two flat tires on my own car before, and by now I know how to change a tire without any assistance. EXCEPT- I pull over, and pop the trunk, check for the tire and instead find this large piece of Styrofoam and a tire pressure sensor, but no spare tire.

Okay. So, our tire blew, there’s no spare, silly me didn’t purchase insurance because “what could possibly happen in two days?” and now we’re stuck in my car waiting for a tow truck that we’re paying for out of pocket. RIP $275. (Again with the tow trucks).

Next, I take my first real steps into adulthood.

Adulthood:// (n)/(v): spending hours calling insurance companies, credit card companies, collecting claim numbers, and being cautious & purchasing car rental insurance instead of being reckless and trespassing to get some photos of a bridge.

I decide I’m just not cut out for adulting, and partly wish I was 12 rather than 21.

Stupid bridge better be worth it…

In light of all the money we blew on our first day, we figure the best adult thing to do at this time is to blow more money. So obviously we go up the Space needle and then finish the night with a 3 course meal on dinner at Etta’s, which I highly recommend! (Another $120 gone.)



Note: I suck at money management. But, at least the gum wall was free of charge 😉


Admittedly, things could’ve gone smoother. But I think I’ve come to terms with my awful luck and am finally beginning to accept these things for what they are – entertaining stories I usually end up laughing about later. Besides, I did get flowers out of it 😉


Nonetheless, ladies & gents, we made it to the second tallest bridge in America, at 347 feet high, VANCE CREEK BRIIIIDGE!

(aka, the most expensive bridge I have ever walked on.)



Oh, and meet Philip!

A fellow Washingtonian I met during Bible School:)





So maybe the trip was a little over budget, but I think sitting down, 347 feet up, and enjoying the scenery is what really made it for me.


How can you deny a creator when you see all of this?


That all being said, I might need some time before my next trip to let my bank account recover from all the damage.

For those of you heading up to the Pacific North West, may the odds be ever in your favor!


Oxxie ❤


8 thoughts on “Weekend “Getaway”

  1. Tears, tears, tears. So many tears lol! Probably from both being so sad at our lack of funds and how funny it was lol. T’was worth it indeed tho. Kind of… LOL ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Reallllyyyy?!?! Thanks shugah! ❤ Personally, its not my best writing. Hopefully the next one will be better! But you should go to this bridge! lol Get insurance on your rental tho! 😉


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