Hey, Bay!

The following is a documentary for Saturday, May 7, 2016.


Unlike most road trips, this one was executed a bit more smoothly than I’m use to. No flat tires, no tow trucks, no parking tickets (and such), no dealing with insurance companies or upset parents…(you get the idea.)… for lack of better words, it was basically a very mellow day…



My bad luck was limited to crappy service at Gherkin’s Deli, horrible traffic (which is expected in Cali), and possibly the least amazing photos out of the bunch (…also slightly expected).


But what’s really worth noting is actually better presented in photos – the scenery & of course, the company!






For the first time in the three something years of our friendship, Gene, Slava, Ollie, and I finally went on a road trip – TOGETHER!

Needless to say, this needs to happen more.



If not for the company, then at the very least so Ollie & I can get some amazing bestie photos together (courtesy of Geeeene!)



@Geeeene ^^^

You are, where you go! BAYbes ;D (Get it? Cuz we’re in the BAAAY area!) Don’t judge me.

And by now, you’ve realized, that in truth, what I’m actually documenting, isn’t the trip, but these photos! In time, I too will  acquire this photography skill *cough, cough* maybe.


Judging by the quality of these amazing shots, you can probably tell right off the bat that the photos are taken by four completely different people, and you can even probably guess which photos were taken by which individual.



As much as I’d like to say that I took all of these, I’m still pretty dang excited about knowing the people who did. Feel free to slide through to each of their blogs and/or websites to see who took what photo 😉 I may or may not have already provided some hints in the captions.

Finally, the best for last… FOG!



Maybe I should just be in front of the lens instead of behind it…


HA! Kidding.

Despite my lack of skill, I feel pretty blessed to have some fairly talented people in my life who follow their dreams and can go on my ventures with me without notice.

Till next time, folks! Which sadly, may not be anytime soon due to bills, and responsibilities, and debt, and school, and other adult stuff I never signed up for:(


Oxxie ❤



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