Reno Lantern Fest

You know that scene from your favorite Disney cartoon, Tangled, when they let out Chinese sky lanterns every year on Rapunzel’s birthday in hopes that she’ll see them and come home? Yea… This was like that but in real life!

The shenanigans began late Saturday afternoon. Ollie, Leo and I made our way toward Reno, where we picked up our lovely Reno local (Vlad). From there we headed straight to the Lantern Fest in Fernley, Nevada. Apparently, California is so dry it’s a “fire safety hazard” or something of that sort, to allow anything with a flame to go more than 5 feet above ground level… (this explains the sad excuse for Fourth of July fireworks sold in Cali).

Photo Jun 12, 1 28 09 AMPhoto Jun 12, 1 28 20 AM

Regardless, I wasn’t going to let a short two hour drive keep me from experiencing the magical picturesque scene painted in my imagination by Walt Disney. Let’s just say, my expectations were met. Magical and picturesque it was indeed, so much so that I bought same-day tickets to the next day showing!

Basically, tickets were less than $25 (if you buy them early enough). The price includes a cute Lantern Fest box with all the s’mores essentials (graham crackers, chocolates, marshmallows), the lantern, a lighter, and of course, a sharpie to pimp out your lantern (additional lanterns available for purchase, or you can bring your own).

Photo Jun 11, 6 20 01 PMPhoto Jun 11, 6 18 59 PMDid I mention that there’s live music playing the entire time following up to the lighting of the lanterns? At this point, I can’t remember who exactly performed that particular day,  but I’ll take note of it next time.


We got there fairly early, so we spent the majority of our time putting our artistic skills to use and munching on our goodies.


How about I just let the photos speak for themselves? 🙂

_DSC0266_DSC0314 (1)_DSC0296DSCF9388DSCF9371_DSC0555_DSC0465_DSC0368 (1)_DSC0352 (2)_DSC0339 (1)

_DSC0357_DSC0355 (1)

Aren’t those two love birds just GOALS?!?! ❤ ❤ ❤


Obviously this is something you NEED to do if you haven’t already (and even if you have you should do it again… Duh.)

I’ll leave you on this note; the event was so spectacularly amazing, that we not only went the second day, but are now going AGAIN for the third time, on September 24th.

I’m not one for bumping into people I know in far away places, but for the sake of making the night even brighter, you should all purchase tickets here.

Huge shout out to Sack Lunch Productions for partnering with Oxie On The Go to offer you a 20% discount on Lantern Fest tickets! Be sure to use promo code: OXXIEE20 to access that discount.  They have also provided me with TWO free Lantern Fest Admission Tickets to give to TWO lucky winner (that’s four tickets, two lucky winners will each receive two admission tickets!). For a chance to win, share this blog post on your facebook page, tag my Facebook page @oksanakambur ,and tell me who you would bring with you to the Lantern Fest this year! You can also share via Instagram, see @oxxiee for details. I will announce the winner Friday the 16th,

May the odds be ever in your favor, and I better see you there!

Every lantern counts 😉


Oxxie ❤



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