Sacramento Mural Festival

Sacramento – no, California – has been one heck of a place to live in these past few years. The drought emptied our dearest Folsom Lake, we can’t water our lawns or wash our cars, they even tell us to flush the toilet less! (Meaning, let the person after you flush after they do their business in your leftover gunk, ew.) But, despite the lack of water, at least our city is doing one thing right – festivities!

The most recent festival I was actually able to partake in was the Sacramento Mural Festival. It’s  basically a bunch of ridiculously talented artists coming together to paint gigantic murals on the walls of Downtown, Sacramento.

My favorite travel buddy (Ollie) and I decided to go on a long over due Saturday date to hunt them all down… Or at least as many as we could in the few hours we had before dark.

Since I don’t have before and after pictures, we took pictures in front of a blank wall for scale. (Disclaimer: we really took pictures in front of a white wall because we’re much hip, and why not?)


We ARE the art ;D

Onward, we actually got to see one of the artist put the finishing touches on his masterpiece. Someplace in the alley between 20th and K, we came across Irubiel Moreno putting together this baby!


Totally shamelessly fangirling like we do, we made him and his crew stand in line for a super hip Beatles-inspired (not really) photo. @Moreno is the second from the left. (And, not that it matters, but the guy to the far right is my flower delivery guy from Nice Stems, Brandon – πŸ˜€ – small world huh?!)


This floating gal was created by Nate Frizzell, located right next to @Moreno’s mural. The lighting at the time didn’t allow for the best photos, but still fairly majestic if you ask me πŸ™‚


Okay, so the size of this one was HUGE! Like, I was standing probably 150 away from the wall and still couldn’t fit the whole mural in. No idea how you did it Drew Merritt, but it looks fab!

Below you have Ollie for scale πŸ˜‰

You can find this one on J and 21.


Made it with enough daylight to see Michelle Blades art work on the Chase Building on 21st and M. It was worth the walk to get to this one πŸ™‚


One of my favorites was by Andrew Schoultz on J and 19th; unfortunately, by the time we got there it was much too dark to take any post-worthy captures of it.

But, we went back the following weekend with my boothang, and got to see the mural on R and 11th, by David Fiveash.

Honestly, yaaaassss!! img_5508img_5509img_5510img_5511img_5488img_5489

So what have we learned? Aside from the fact that David makes amazing backdrops! Sacramento can be dry, but I mean.. that’s why it’s lit ;D

If you haven’t already, you should definitely go scour these pretties πŸ™‚

Till next time!


Oxxie ❀


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