Point Reyes

Don’t you hate it when you go to bed expecting to be  very productive the following day, and the moment you wake up at 7 a.m. you can just feel your perfectly thought out morning plan not happening like you planned it? Suddenly, you decide that maybe you don’t need to pick up the rental for the trip, and you can always stop for breakfast rather than make it, and to heck with showering or looking your best, why bother when your matress and blanket have literally molded to your body so perfectly that even your soul has been sucked into the bed warp hole!

I finally understand why they say “sleep is for the weak”. I’ve never been strong enough to triumph that soul sucking mattress of mine, and honestly, who would want to. Besides, turns out, we didn’t need to be up early anyways.

We left Sacramento around 12:30 in the afternoon, and made it to the Point Reyes shipwreck just before 4 p.m and then hit the light house in time for sunset.


I’m sure there’s much more water in that lake now that’s we’ve been getting more rain, but the lack thereof made it possible to crawl onto the boat at the time.

Unfortunately, some not so great Samaritans made the executive decision to shoot a long exposure photograph with burning steel whool over the shipwreck (this was still pre rain), which inadvertently wrecked the ship a bit more than it was already wrecked. #rip (Click here to read more about the fire.)


The stern of the boat had some pretty severe damage, but luckily, the front is as photogenic as ever! Make the most of your losses, right? I would even go so far as to say that the fire added a bit more character to the scene, but how about we keep the steel wool photography in places that aren’t California (drought capitol)… unless it’s Oroville, plenty of water there XD!


A few snacks and hot coffee to pass the next  17 miles from here to the Point Reyes light house and our trip was almost over!

But who am I kidding?! I forgot about mother nature and her lovely surpises. Obviously we made like 3 pit stops before we got there.

Like the infamous tree trail.


And this scenic side-of-the-road overview.


And the Pacific West Coast itself!


FYI – If you come here, dress warm and bring a super hot coffee cup to warm your hands because odds are, your significant other will have lost his hands to frostbyte by now and you’re on your own, ladies! (Note: The lighthouse is closed on Monday’s, still worth!).


Take a day and slide through here if you haven’t already! (leave anything that can cause a Fire hazard at home… or drop it off at the Oroville Dam XD) All you have to lose is some money, some time, and a few fingers but the scenery is nothing short of worthwhile!


One more thing, shout out to Bae for taking ALLLLL the photos due to my lack of lens at the moment. Isn’t he just the greatest?! ❤

Happy be-lated Valentines Day!


Oxie ❤


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