Bad Things And Good People

If you’re a writer, you have to be someone who favors unfortunate events simply because it’s the horrible things that inspire the good writing. And let’s face it; everyone loves to read (or hear about) a little bad luck. A story simply isn’t as good if there’s no heartbreak, or some important person dying, or just a tons of bad things happening to good people!


If you’re a writer, and something bad happens to you, the first thing that probably goes through your mind is how you’re going to tell everyone about it later. And if bad things are just happening to the people around you, it’s a win-win for you! The way I see it, you not only dodged a bullet, but you stood by as it hit your friend!


The thing about these stories is that they’re original. Any creative writer can come up with a bunch of crap but it has some real value when the reader knows that someone got a taste of the crap they’re reading! The simple fact that it’s not made up is what makes it so much funnier!


I know it, you know it, we all know it, if your home slice face plants out of know where, you are going to be the first person to point and laugh! This has to be one of the greatest things that could ever happen in a person’s life! Not only did you just witness some of the worst luck out there, but you have a personal connection with the person who experienced it.


Maybe you’ll get the idea when I share some personal favorites.


The day I knew not to wear the loose skirt that flowed gracefully (almost too gracefully) as I walked to church. I wore it anyways. I also knew I should’ve worn spandex under just in case. I couldn’t find them; wore the skirt anyways. I go on with the day and sit at the very front of the church where I usually sit and all seems well with the world. Until about 30 minutes into the service, when a young lady FINALLY gathered enough courage to come up, kneel down behind me, and shamefully whisper into my ear, “you’re skirt is up.” The chair I was sitting in happened to be the foldable with the big fat opening in the back, giving everyone a great view! Well I fixed it. And continued to sit through the next 2 hours of service trying to pretend like everyone and their moms didn’t just get front row tickets to see Oxie’s bottom! Just what everyone wants to wake up to on a Sunday morning.


Or the day my sister and I decided to be wife materials one evening and washed the hardwood floors with Pledge. Pledge is a wood shine normally used to gloss wooden tables or countertops. The warning label didn’t include a sign that read “Not for floor use”. Even if it were there we probably wouldn’t have read it. Anyways, a few days later, as I was running late for school, I rushed my dad to hurry up and wake up because I needed a ride. He rushed out of his room buttoning his pants forgetting that the floor was still glossy and nearly fell over. Karma took a real swing at it later that night when I was replaying the incident for my mom. I don’t know what was worse, the fact that I actually fell when I wasn’t supposed to or walking around for the whole week with an injured bottom… For those of you looking for a new floor cleaner, I highly recommend Pledge (Lemon Scented), not only will it leave your floors looking shinier than ever, it’s guaranteed to stay that way for over a week! (FYI: I am not receiving any form of payment for this advertisement! You’re welcome, Pledge.)


And my most recent incident, the time I JUST bought a new phone, flew over to Ukraine, and got it stolen. Then I spent the rest of the month without a phone in a foreign country. To make matters worse, I left the charger to my MacBook home, and now I had no way of contacting anyone, let alone a taxi to get me to my apartment. Considering that it was after midnight, and I was the only one out, I ended up having to walk an hour to my apartment with baggage, in the city that also seemed to be the darkest city in the world!


I have more stories than I can think of from this year alone about bad luck, and I’m not going to lie, in the moment they were a pain and I’ve never hated life more, but looking back they sure make for one heck of a story.


I mean how can I forget the time we got chased down by the taxi driver and his pimp when we accidentally paid him with fake money? Or the time we filled up a diesel car with regular fuel… Twice! And then of course made the gas attendant go the old fashion way and use a hose to suck the gasoline out. Poor guy, what ever he was getting paid, it wasn’t enough!


The point is, every story is better with a little rain. Every good writer knows it- every good storyteller knows it! Why else do you think Nicholas Sparks always kills off one of his characters! It sucks, but it makes you feel something.


So if you have one, don’t be such a pessimist, you have a story to tell! And don’t be selfish about it- tell us the story! Everyone loves knowing that someone out there is having it worse than they are!


#shareastory and may the odds be never in your favor 😉


-XoXo, Oxie-

PS: I was just kidding about the odds never being in your favor thing 😅

2 thoughts on “Bad Things And Good People

  1. Hahahahahhaha oh my gosh! I love this! It’s so true, whenever something bad happens I’m like oohh yeah, that will make the next blog post interesting! 😂😂😂


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