Bitter Luck

You ask yourself, how bad can life be? How bad can it get?

Well I had a day I will never forget.

Since I woke up everything went wrong

My alarm clock was broken, it was ringing so long

When I put on my clothes, my pants they ripped

And when I ate breakfast, my cranberry juice tipped

I ate some waffles, then I choked

My juice felll over agin, this time the glass broke

I get in the car, go about my way

And i get stuck in traffic, there’s a broken truck in the way

I finally get to work,  but ther’es someone in my parking spot

I went up and down the rows looking for a new parking lot

Then I saw some lights.. Yeah! Red, blue, and white

Great, I got a ticket, my license plate wasn’t in plain sight

As soon as I found a parking, it was on the last floor

I tried to stop the elavator, it was starting to pour

When it came back to get me, my clothes were all wet

All I could think was how much worse could this day get?

Well, on the second floor, the electricity died

We tried to fix the elevator, but it was basically fried

I was an hour late to work when they finally fixed it

But maybe there was still a chance I could get away with it

With hope in sight and head held high

I sneak to my desk, apparently I’m not so sly

My boss was surprised to even see me come in

“I gave you the day off today, didn’t I lauren?”

I started to laugh and turned to the door

These kinds of days, you just have to adore!


-A collaboration between Marina & Oxie-

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