Maybe in the image of his father

Is what my brother would have been


Had she thought about keeping him longer

His little smile I would’ve seen


To hold my baby brother today

Oh, It’d be but a dream


It seems mommy let his life away

For a second child she would dare not esteem


I felt him kick once in her belly

But she couldn’t support both him and me


See daddy up and left the family

So it would’ve been just us three


Mom said she couldn’t care for him

She said I was hard on her as is


It must be my fault then

To prevent a life such as this


It must be MY fault then, brother!

It must be my fault that you’re not!


But please understand brother

I could not do a lot


I tried to help and save you

But mom refused to listen at all


She said, “You’ll soon understand child.”

And she made the final call


Before I knew it, you were gone

And years later I still don’t understand


Why the life of my baby brother

Should be taken by my mother’s hand


She hurt you and she hurt me

It wasn’t her choice- her life to take!



It’s not my fault brother

I swear it, SHE made the mistake!


And I’m sorry mommy called the shots

I hope that someday she will see


That when she let them take you

She also let them take you from me


Today would have been your birthday, brother

and I will always have you within


I wish you a Happy Birthday brother,

Who ever you would’ve been.


-XoXo, Oxie-




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