Drink & Drive

I remembered playing all these games with all the people that made me,me

I remembered taking turns with beer, and it always made it harder to see

One day that beer took me into a car, even though I knew it was wrong

And what was worse, I wasn’t alone, my friends decided to tag along

But I was drunk, already out, and it took advantage of me

They said go faster, faster, and faster- I fell into peer pressure eventually

Only moments later, I stomped on the brake, and next thing I knew my

heads out on the floor

A little dog just crossing the street- “O, God! What was I speeding for?”

I shouldn’t have been here today, I knew I shouldn’t come!

But now they’re gone and I’m still here, the worst punishment yet to give

Yes, my eyes have opened, you shouldn’t drink and drive

And maybe if I’d believed that then, my friends would be alive


-XoXo, Oxie-

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