Escaping Corpse

I live my life practically crawling on the floor

My body’s so numb I even forget that I’m sore

Sore from the damgae this demon has done

He paralysed me, so I’d be unable to run

And I keep letting him play me and win

Is it possible to do it when i know it’s a sin?

Well my hands are now dirty and scarred from satans abuse

And I’m done letting him do this, allowing his seduce

He’s turning me into corpse, the equivolence of nothing

And doesn’t everyone say that it’s better to feel something?

Well dear lucifer, I’m done feeding you fame!

And for attacking me with temptaion, I have you to blame

But after the torture you put me through,

I can finally say that I’m over you

All this time, you brought nothing but regret

Because everything I’ve done with you, I only wish to forget

Vut the memories will always be there to tell

Just in case one of my friends begin to crawl where I fell

I can be a hero and save them the pain

From what you put me through when you drove me insane

I only made it out of your games alive

So I can live and testify that God is the reason I survived


-XoXo, Oxie-

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