Like a bird in a cage

Or like water in your lungs

I feel trapped in the wrong age

Speaking your foreign tongues


Placed in a sea of human beings

That I simply can’t understand

Drowning in the loneliest feelings

From the lack of a lending hand


It’s like being in a room with no door,

No windows, and even no light

I scratch at the ceilings, walls, and floor

But it seems there’s no exit in sight


I yell, and I kick, and I scream!

And I hope someone is listening to actually hear

Though the courage to scream out loud only happens in my dream

But just listen closely- put my head to your ear!


Can’t you see how I feel when you look me in the eye

Here I’m just the elephant in the room-

Even the girl in the mirror whispers, “Where am I?”

I’m like a flower in the winter. Here, I won’t bloom


Out of my mind, out of my comfort, and out of place is where I am

You, out of my mind, and me out of sight is where I want to be

Anywhere but here, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam

But no matter where I go, I can’t hide-I can’t hide from me


I’m a foreigner in my own skin and a slave to my own thought

There’s no place I can be where I feel like I belong

A misfit, a stranger, an outsider with no plot

A lovely chorus to a familiar depressing bedtime song


Caged in my own flesh I will always be

Yet every end of the earth, in this flesh, I will see

And everyday, all the places and faces brand new

And not one of them will notice the battle I go through


I continue to claw at the walls inside my head

And every night, proceed to take them with me to bed

I sleep on the good days when insomnia’s not so severe

And repeat the process at sun up while the four walls reappear


-XoXo, Oxie-

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