I’m Not Made Of Money

Airports these days must think I grow $100 bills in my backyard or something! Just because I managed to gather up enough money to buy a plane ticket does not mean I can afford your $8 sandwich!

Tell me please, in what world is a sandwich worth $8?!

For $8, I can go to a local grocery store, buy some bread, cheese, and ham, and make 30 sandwiches exactly the same!

Did I buy the sandwich?

Well…. Yes, of course I did, I was starving.

And if I’m totally honest with myself, the airport limits me to choosing between a decent sandwich for $8 or a crap sandwich for $6. So yes, I had an $8 breakfast at 5 in the morning. Obviously I’m not too happy with the decision I’ve made. But you can’t blame me for the things I do when I’m hungry.

I’m telling you if bank accounts could fall into depression, mine would’ve committed suicide by now!

But forget the sandwich for a second, why is everything at the airport so dang expensive?! (Don’t answer that.) A water bottle is like two bucks! Not even a big one, but like a regular half-liter. Like it’s not bad enough already that TSA made me toss the bottle I brought with me- now you want me to buy one for two times it’s original price?!

You got me messed up!

Listen airport or government or who ever it is I’m supposed to consult about such matters. I like traveling, I don’t have a well paying job, which means I don’t have tons of money, and now you want me not to have food either?!

Get it together man! What is this, a fat camp?!

Dang right it isn’t! So freakin’ do something to help a sister out!

Here’s an idea, student discounts! Why is that suddenly not a thing here! At least discount the price of the plane tickets, if not the food. I went to Germany, Amsterdam, London, and Ukraine and they all have student discounts for their public transportation. Last time I checked, flying a plane was a form of transportation for the public! Just think about that for a second.

Not only am I in utter disbelief at this airport system, now I’m also $8 short of what I was an hour ago.

At least I’m not hungry.




The girl who spent $8 on a sandwich, Oxie.