Let me just say, that my life can definatly revolve around independence

It’s also one of the easiest ways to head into repentence

With freinds around, decisions are all simply pressure-based

And making decisons to please others is the definition of waste

Just a friendly piece of advice when it comes to getting played

Independence can prevent it, it’s all about being self made

You see it as lonely, or outcast, or even a judgmental jerk

No, I don’t care, I like quiet places and putting thought to my work

Learning’s a privledge, through learning I’ve become wise

And I sacrafice nothing when I choose to ignore the ridiculous rumors & lies

Your problems dont interest me, and your judgement is meaningless

And your constant anger at me is nothing short of pointless

I have no affect when you share your opinion

I can share with you mine, I probably have over a million

So friends or not, there’s one point I’m attempting to make you understand

To really know what I’m saying, you have to experience independence first hand


-XoXo, Oxie-

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