Just Quit Already

What started out as a small joke turned into this super long over thought out list of things I quit in my life. (Thanks Tim, you birthed this topic!… Ugh, who uses the word ‘birthed’? Not the imagery I was aiming for!) Anywho…


It all started when I wanted to make something out of myself back in high school. I decided I’d go on and have myself a streak of fabulous decisions. Just bear with me for a minute while I list off a bunch of things I started to do.


I became the National Honors Society (NHS) Treasurer, the Senior Class President, I started a choir club and became the Conductor, we started a dance club and I was the Assistant President of that (I don’t even know what that means), Started a Tuesday Night Bible Study with the youth, I picked up concert piano, I liked guitar so I picked that up too, I needed money so I got a job (s/o to Original Pizza House, best pizza in town!), and you already know where this is all going- I quit all of it.


Except NHS, but I still count it as quits because I got my medal revoked for ditching school during finals. (Senioritis does not mess around).


I learned that I can’t stand it when people don’t cooperate, so by second semester I didn’t want to deal with a bunch of lazy and uncooperative seniors. I quit.


I most definitely CANNOT lead a choir! I can’t even sing! I’m gonna be real, I was really hoping someone with bigger shoes than me would step up to the game when we started that but I didn’t realize how many talented people lack courage. Anyways, after one Christmas rally performance, yeah- I quit.


I can’t dance. I never could. I’m white. Only talented white people can dance. Since I’m not talented, I don’t qualify- I quit.


The Tuesday Bible Study thing just kind of blew out of proportions. People got married, I didn’t. Forever alone. We all quit.


Piano. Three years later. I quit. (I really thought I’d continue on my own. Ha! Yea right. Current Oxie knows better!)


Guitar. Lasted six months. Didn’t improve fast enough. I like it better when other people play it. Quit.


Original Pizza House. Gained ten pounds. Didn’t need that in my life. Quit.


Basically. I have quit a fair share of things in my life. And knowing myself, I will probably start to do a bunch of things out of sheer impulse only to find that I hate doing that and then quit again.


My most recent quits consist of:

– Photography

– Teaching

– Exercising

– Trying


But you know what, quitting is great! I feel bad for all the people out there who aren’t quitters! Because by quitting something I can say that I tried it, I didn’t like it, I accepted that, and I have happily moved on with my life not having to wonder what it would be like if I ever tried it in the first place.


Unlike you miserable people who are still doing shinanagins you hate because you can’t build up enough courage to quit!




There’s no shame in it!


Just quit and go do something that’s worth not quitting! If there’s anything you should quit, it’s to quit preventing yourself from quitting every once in a while!


Some people just make me so mad; always complaining and then not quitting. Just quit already! Quit allowing your life to be so terrible and go do something about it- quit something and try something else! And if you don’t like that either, quit again. Just keep quitting and trying until you finally get it right.


Screw the reputation, it won’t matter when you die- just quit!


Just. Quit.




Wise words brought to you by Oxie.

You’re welcome.