Justin Bieber’s Makin A Comeback

Besides the fact that he is just a beautiful specimen, have you not heard his new album?!


Okay, that being said, I feel like a proper introduction is in order. Like almost everyone on the planet, I too went through a phase of passionately hating on Justin Bieber. Hater’s gon’ hate and I was doing it well.


I mean, let’s not blame me, he made it really easy on all of us. He cheated on Selena Gomez (who cheats on SELENA freakin GOMEZ!?), he abused poor old helpless janitors, his profanity was just off the charts, and his ego- good God, spare me the topic of his ego! I’ve never seen pride flare so high! And that’s just naming a few things he did.


BUT (big fat bold ‘but’)- this year, Justin has been slowly crawling his way back into my circle of social acceptance. It all started with his new Purpose Album | The Movement.


For all I know, it probably started a lot sooner considering he had to first come back to his right mind, then write the songs, and record them, and blah blah blah, I don’t know the process but you get the idea. My point is, Justin Bieber is making a come back people! This is great news!


Is he finally out of that rebellious phase in life? Because if he is, I am all in! I am Beliebin’ all the way and have no shame in it. And why should I, he’s not a freakin Calvin Klein underwear model just cuz!


Basically, I just wanted to share that though his list of poor decision-making may be LARGE and loooooong, it seems to have brought him to his current state of being, and it’s not half bad! I mean I’m in no position to judge, but I am here to right my wrongs!


I really believe that he is actually positively influencing people undergoing depression all around the world. And a part of me is glad he was the jerk he was. (Hear me out before you flip tables!) Had he not been such a big pain in the butt, he’d have never gone through what he’d gone through, which means he never would’ve been moved to create this new album I’m absolutely in love with, let alone allow the changes he’s making with himself. Basically, there would be no new and improved Justin! Which would make for a less happy Oxie (and one less Belieber).


Not gonna lie, listening to his album, I even kind of wanted to be depressed for a moment so I could feel the true depth of his lyrics! I felt like I was listening to Adele- just emotional rollercoaster all around! (Just go listen to the dang album, I can promise you won’t hate it!)


I don’t doubt that God played a major role in this fabulous change of character. It’s not just a coincidence that as he’s making all these self-improvements he’s also praying in public and talking about his faith. Justin, I approve this message, I really do! Let God do His thang as you do yours Justin! Woot woot!


And I know he may never read this ever, lol but nonetheless, Justin, I say let bygones be bygones. I openly welcome the new you. And I’m squeezing in a petty apology for being a previously known hater! But as it would have it, I’ve been enlightened with a new understanding, and I vow to defend your name from here on out!


As far as I’m concerned, you have gained a new Belieber (not that this news should really concern you or anything because you having a billion Belieber’s but still), and basically, you now have an additional white girl in your fan band that can’t wait to see the great things you have coming!



A Beloved New JB Fan Member, Oxie








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