McDonald’s To The Rescue

Yes, as I sit here at McDonald’s at 1:32 in the morning, the same question comes to mind… WHAT KIND OF AIRPORT CLOSES FOR 3 HOURS EVERY NIGHT!?!?


Nope, I had no idea airports that weren’t 24 hour existed either! Not until just now.

As I casually get in the car to drive to the train station, and casually continue to switch trains, then casually make my way to the airport, I start to casually walk down the halls, and I notice something strange. There are all but like 5 people in the entire building!

This is not casual people!

It’s 11PM, the last airplane just landed, and there aren’t any incoming/outgoing flights for another 4 hours.

I’ve been to over 30 different airports by now (I know, that’s small talk, but still!), and not one of them had this issue (as far as I can remember).

With that being said, the Hanover Airport was practically a ghost town as I was walking through it. No shopping centers open, no lounge areas, nothing except the 24 hour McDonalds conveniently located on the second floor on the perimeter of the airport.

McDonald’s, I’ve never been the biggest fan, but tonight, you have won my heart! I am forever indebted.

As for you Hanover Airport, you need to step up your game! There are at least 7 other people sitting here next to me killing time at a MCDONALDS, because you failed to be open for an extra 4 hours. Shame on you.



The girl who has officially run out of ways to spend her time, Oxie.