On The Go

Morning, mid-day, or evening shower?

I took one yesterday, so maybe in an hour

An hour later, still in bed

Another 5 minutes I sleep instead


Take off blanket, impact cold breeze

Get in the shower, before I freeze

Take off clothes, water too hot

It’s actually kind of hitting the spot


Philosophical thoughts of my breakfast food

Singing real loud and dancing nude

Scrub my hair, shampoo in eye

Rinse, repeat, condition, & cry


Think about stuff, do more nothing

Too lazy too get out, think about everything

A few more minutes of wet unproductivity

Before convincing myself to do more shower activity


Finally shaved, and washed my hair

Chill a little naked before putting on underwear


Caked-up. Dressed up. Hair in bun.

Phone. Wallet. Keys. Done!


-XoXo, Oxie-


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