Exactly what it sounds like, a place where I can let out all my anger without hurting anyone. That’s a lie, words can hurt, but worry not, I’ll stay away from people roasting 🙂

Click on to read about the pet peeves and other ridiculous things that I found to be rant worthy.

(WARNING: Some posts may be subject to completely nonrantworthy material, but have been ranted about nonetheless because women… Oxieonthego is not responsible for any emotional trauma the readings may inflict upon it’s readers. By clicking the following links you are agreeing to JUST read the fine print and take absolutely nothing personally, but rather enjoy the readings for the simple rants they are when Oxie was simply having a simply rant-worthy day. Thank you for being a loyal subscriber, Oxie will probably rant about not having enough of you later.)

Enjoy 🙂


McDonald’s To The Rescue

Yes, as I sit here at McDonald’s at 1:32 in the morning, the same question comes to mind… WHAT KIND OF AIRPORT CLOS…

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I’m Not Made Of Money

Airports these days must think I grow $100 bills in my backyard or something! Just because I managed to gather up enough money to…

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Quit Already!

I feel bad for all the people out there who aren’t quitters! Because by quitting something I can say that I tried it, I didn’t like it, I accepted that, and I have…

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Ugh, Monday

Monday wasn’t the problem. It wasn’t until Tuesday came around that I finally understood what a stereotypical Monday felt like…

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