To Quit Or Not To Qui-


To quit, or not to quit, that is the question:

Whether ‘tis nobler to finish what I started

And do what I promised to be done

Or to take leave and leave the deeds undone

And by quitting becoming a quitter? A quitter to become.

No more; and by quitting we say we stop

The stress and anxiety of finishing something wrong

The lack of sleep because you work on things too long

Devoutly but wishing a quitter to become

Unless it comes to finishing that bottle of rum

Ah yes, there’s the deed all the way through done

To the bottom of the bottle no quitting here’s fun

Quitting being a quitter, there’s no way but one

Thy own life to quit, one final quit and then none

Alas, to quit quitting makes a quitter of us all

A paradox for the oppressor to make the final call

To quit, to not quit, the… UGH! I quit.



-XoXo, Oxie-

Inspired by my group of friends who are all quitters lol you know who you are 😉

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