Ugh, Monday

Unlike most people, I am a fan of Mondays.

Monday’s feel like a fresh start, a new beginning. And this particular Monday, February 15th, was actually one of the better Monday’s.

A holiday, nonetheless. To some it’s the day all the Valentines Day candies are 50% off, and to others it’s President’s day.  For me, it was the day I get to sleep in and be lazy. This pleases me. 🙂

But Monday wasn’t the problem. It wasn’t until Tuesday came around that I finally understood what a stereotypical Monday felt like.

My morning actually started smoothly. I woke up on time, showered, my make up was decent, the sun was out and it looked like a good day was coming my way.

Well, little did I know…

As I made my way to my car, I found (HA!), that I couldn’t find my car…

Well, my first thought was that it was stolen.

“Good Morning Oxie!”- Universe.

It wasn’t until later, that I learned that my car was towed. Apparently, you need a visitors parking pass to park in Nordern Terrance Apartments, or else you suffer the consequence of being late to work, taking a 2 hour lunch to go pick it up and paying $325 to get your car back from Davis Towing…

Now, I generally try to be a positive person, so I didn’t mind my car being towed so much. I didn’t mind being late to work either. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even too bummed about the $325 fee. I was, however, upset about the fact that I had my work shoes in my car, and now had to go to work with my Squeaks (I don’t even know what the actual name for these shoes are, but I because they squeak on the tile floor we have at work, they’ve earned a new title in my eyes.) On top of that, I had my flowers in my car as well, prompted in such a way, that if you don’t hold them, they will fall over and spill. And last but not least, the baby shower gift for my co-worker was also in my car…..

Despite the circumstances, I refused to give in to all the negativity, so I stayed positive. Perhaps my flowers didn’t spill over, I can give Breanna her baby shower gift late, and since when is a longer lunch a bad thing?

Fast forward to my lunch break, and I find that my flowers did in fact, NOT SPILL OVER!!! Yey! But, they basically died from the heat of the sun. O.O. And just when I thought things were looking up, the flowers turned on me and spilled all over my carpet

I look past it, and decide that they’ll revive after some fresh air and cold water.

Work wasn’t getting easier, and the hours seemed to drag after the hectic morning.

In all honesty, I’ve never been more ready for the day to end. Like, can someone just RESTART this day! I’m ready for tomorrow!

Positivity is hard to keep when everyone keeps reminding you of your crap day. Just a thought, but I don’t think that bringing up the horrible events of the day will necessarily make anyone feel better…