I’ll never know what it must be like

To feel like you’re truly an outcast

Because I’m white


I’ll never know what it must feel like

To be belittled the way that you are

Because you’re not white


To be at such a disadvantage

Without having no real physical disadvantage

But simply because you’re not white


You man and you woman of color

You’re stronger than you would’ve ever been

If you were white


You need do nothing, I’ve learned

From what’s been done to you and can’t be undone

Simply because you’re not white!


We white folk

Oughta learn a thing or two

From the peace you kept even when we left none


We weak white folk

Oughta take a stand against the racism

For the race we could’ve been born into


You did not choose your skin

And I did not choose mine

But why does color matter then, or is it just a matter of mind?


You who are not white

Forgive us the white

Because it seems between color and colorless

exists still an unresolved fight…


-XoXo, Oxie-

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